The Benefits of Robotic Lawn Mowers

robotic lawn mowers

So how do Robotic Lawn Mowers work?

robotic lawn mowers

Robotic lawn mowers work completely unattended.  There is no need for manual effort… no pushing, guiding, refilling or stowing the machine… the mower remains in its charging station until it is activated.  Forget the stress and frustration of pulling on a starter cord to a motor that won’t start. All you have to do is use your smart phone to tell it when and where to mow.


Initially you will need to have some guiding cables fitted under your lawn and you may need some assistance with the installation.  The main cable is the boundary wire.  The boundary wire defines the working area.   It helps the mower to reach all areas and to manage passages. Inside the boundary wire there is also one or more guide wires. The guide wire helps the mower to find the shortest way back to the charging station and prevents track marks from appearing on your lawn.

Battery charging

The robotic mower runs on battery power.  When your mower is running out of battery energy, it will automatically return to the battery charging station to recharge.  Since the robotic mower is battery powered, there are no direct omissions or any fuel to worry about.

The main features of robotic lawn mowers

  • Robotic mowers are self-propelled and can safely be left to work at any hour of the day. They work in rain and sunshine, all according to your settings.
  • The technology is continually being updated and automatic mowers can now handle slopes up to 70%.
  • A GPS system records the area mowed and adjusts the mowing pattern accordingly.
  • Full coverage is insured by the guide wires.
  • Built-in sensors detect objects and lower the speed to avoid collisions.
  • Razor sharp blades are designed for continuous and efficient mowing.  Blades fold away when they touch other objects that are not grass.
  • You don’t have to do any raking or collecting.  The clippings are so small that they are never spread where you don’t want them.
  • No need to dispose of lawn clippings.  The clippings feed the lawn and make it healthier and greener.
  • An auto-mower adjusts to grass growth and weather conditions.
  • There is a robotic automatic mower for every lawn.

Running costs

Because of the energy-efficient system, the operating cost is very low.

History of Robotic Lawn Mowing

The robotic lawn mower revolution was started 25 years ago by Husqvarna.  The Husqvarna Auto-mower today has the lowest noise levels of all robotic lawn mowers on the market.

From walk-behind mowers to ride-on machines to robotic mowers, Husqvarna now offers different lawn mowing and cutting solutions with accessories to cover your mowing needs all year round. 

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