What are the Best Robot Toys for Christmas 2019?

Movi Toy Robot

After scanning the market for the best available robot toys of 2019, we came up with two main contenders…

Our absolute favourite toy robot this year is Cozmo by Anki, probably the most intelligent and endearing robot of all those reviewed.

Anki Cozmo 2019 best toy robot
Anki Cozmo 2019

Cozmo is a life-like robot who will become your loyal playmate.  You can play games with Cosmo and even see things the way that he does.  He is very beginner-friendly and is an educational robot that you will be able to program creatively.  Cozmo comes with a free phone app for either iOS or Android.  Anki will provide ongoing support for Cozmo.


But if you are looking for a cheaper robot toy, our choice is definitely Movi by Fischer-Price

Fisher-Price’s Teach ‘n Tag Movi is designed for pre-schoolers aged 3 years and older.  This cute little robot friend will keep kids entertained for hours.

Movi by Fischer-Price

Movi is also an educational robot that comes pre-programmed with six games that pre-schoolers will love.  The games are activated by pushing a button on Movi’s belly.  Kids can run around and dance while Movi responds by rolling, talking and making animal noises.  He also has some other tricks for them to discover.  Unlike many other robots, Movi has more than 60 facial expressions and needs an area about 5 feet x 5 feet to perform his tricks.

Other contenders for the best toy robots of 2019 were…

  • The Tetska Puppy, probably one of the most attractive toy robots,

  • The UBTech Jimu, a champion of construction games.



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